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"Generation 2020" @ Amos Rex Art Museum

The awarded Amos Rex Art Museum (Helsinki, Finland) presents "Generation 2020", an exceptional art show by artists aged 15 to 25.

Watch the video! English voiceover & English subtitles.

"Generation 2020" in Amos Rex Art Museum is definitely worth experiencing. Open till 10th of May. On this video, you can get a glimpse of works by the following artists:

00'19 Catrin Edlund - Plastic Home

00'21 Viktor Sundman - GYMNACIUM FOR INFELICITIES – (an orchid garden)

00'51 Beriwan Ceylan - Fake news

01'02 Venla Huhtinen - Baltic Sea Afterparty

01'06 Annika Korhonen - Have you ever tried a foot sponge burger?

01'15 Malin Gustafsson - Routines 1-6

01'18 Tanja Silvestrini - A Litre of Thousand Lakes

01'25 Kamala Company - HUG

01'33 Aki Särkiniemi - Blazemountain

01'34 Heikki Korkala - The Elevator Effect

01'46 Anna-Karoliina Vainio - Love is both Honey and Venom

01'48 Lumi Wiikari - The Listening Ear

01'39 Eero Karjalainen - Untitled

01'41 Iiris Kamari, Alex Luonto - Menswear Project

01'43 Irene Suosalo - Collisions

01'49 Sylvester Kivelä - gintonic is my favourite drink

01'51 Minea Lång - FOCT (Future of Collective Thinking)

02'04 Anna-Karoliina Vainio - Love is both Honey and Venom

02'10 Catrin Edlund - Plastic Home

02'18 Eliisa Loukola - Gyromitra esculenta | Landslide | Former Life

02'22 Iida-Maria Remes - T.M.I.

02'24 Sakari Kyyrönen

02'26 Emilia Laatikainen - Järjestä nuoruus

02'30 Ona Iivonen - Identity

02'34 Emilia Ojala - Spirits of the Forest -series

02'38 Liisa-Irmelen Liwata - Writing Tool

02'50 Sylvester Kivelä - gintonic is my favourite drink

03'00 Minea Lång - FOCT (Future of Collective Thinking)

03'04 Emil Fihlman - Timeline

03'11 Iiris Kamari, Alex Luonto - Menswear Project

03'22 Irene Suosalo - Collisions

03'36 Emil Lyytikkä - Artefact

03'40 Annika Korhonen - Have you ever tried a foot sponge burger?

(Something missing or incorrect? Mail us!)

[video voiceover]

A few weeks ago, I came across a peculiar coincidence. Or a synchronistic event, if you're into Jung, or simply a geek.

You see, every three years, Amos Rex Art Museum organises an exhibition showcasing young artists aged from 15 to 25. Coincidentally, when I went to see the exhibition for the first time, my own living room was infested with old storage boxes full of my stuff from the times when I was around 20 myself. I've always written a lot and created art myself, so the comparison was unavoidable.

My first observation: damn what tools do today's artists have at their disposal! Take a look at my state-of-the-art tools that I had at the same age.

Now you probably expect this sour old dog to say: "All right, contemporary kids may have cool gadgets, but their content is utter bullshit."

Well, guess again. Au contraire.

After three visits, I am still very impressed. The young artists' technical know-how is nearly impeccable. Not to mention that they seem to master the contemporary art apparatus. You have to admire the vision and expertise showing in the diverse exhibition. Young art is doing well and evolving, as long as the world holds together. Even that is easier to believe in after seeing this show.

The exhibition presents an astonishing variety of art forms and approaches. There is a computer game. There is 3D and virtual reality. Highly conceptual content. There are paintings, graphics and sculptures. Wearable art. Abstract moving image and light. Textile art. Audio and video work. Even a collaborative, transformative and evolving project for 1600 young art testers.

Most of these artists seem to consider content as a starting point around which their expression is built, in a professional manner and, when appropriate, in collaboration with suitable partners. The myth of the solitary genius seems to be fading, and, quite amusingly, the very notion has perhaps created more space for the creators' personality and their own voice.

But to what extent does "Generation 2020" really reflect the state of the art? At least the sample is impressive: the exhibit has been selected from over 1500 proposals. [Curated by Amos Rex's Anastasia Isakova and Katarina Timonen. The jury was led by artist Hannaleena Heiska and consisted of, not only the museum director Kai Kartio and audience work manager Elsa Hessle, but also two young artists from the previous exhibition, Eliel Tammiharju and Sanni Weckman.] So the future of Finnish contemporary art looks blooming. If there is any room for mild criticism, we were not particularly happy to see that some monitors featured multiple video works. Not the most convenient solution, but certainly understandable, considering the sheer number of artists presented.

To sum up, Generation 2020 is a very interesting and outstanding exhibition. Lots of likes and hearts to the artists, curators and also to Amos Rex, that has dared to lend its magnificent halls to young artists. No wonder the museum was just awarded the LCD New Cultural Destination of the Year. Congrats!

The trend is encouraging. We wish the young authors lots of meaningful cooperations across all possible boundaries. If there is any hope left, it surely reflects in the very things that have made Generation 2020 a success: wise use of technology, open-minded collaboration, and fresh ideas.

Go and explore! The show is open till May the 10th.

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