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Fish Roe Spread & Scissors

"What does fish roe spread have in common with almost 30-years-old Fiskars brand household scissors?"

Find out by watching this video! It is part of IKITOMU's ongoing series showcasing exceptionally durable products. You know, the ones we should be producing instead of planned obsolescence crap. English voiceover & English subtitles.

[video voiceover:]

What does fish roe spread have in common with these excellent, almost 30-years-old Fiskars brand household scissors?

Well, the explanation lies in my past. During my studies, I used to be a party animal. I guess it still kind of shows.

On hangover days, I often went loitering in supermarkets. I was in no hurry, so I found it interesting to watch other people running their everyday errands. I was astonished to see their shopping anxiety. It was kind of funny, and a bit sad, to see them shovel candy, burning with rage. But times were tough, and hard times sell sugar. And of course alcohol.

One day at the supermarket, I stumbled into a consumer survey. The food brand Monarch was asking what was my favourite way to enjoy their brand new fish roe spread. Of course I wanted to participate. Without much thinking about it, I wrote that the best way to enjoy this marvellous product was naturally to squeeze some on your finger and suck.

Om nom nom.

Almost a year later, to my surprise, I received a pair of Fiskars household scissors by mail, with this cover letter:

Well thank you very much. To this day, this is still the only official recognition I have received for marketing work - but the Fiskars scissors are still working as if they were unboxed just yesterday. A brilliant product!

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