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Business trips by train: Durat's CEO Heikki Karppinen travelled to a conference in Amsterdam

Durat's CEO Heikki Karppinen has been reducing his travelling and flying substantially. Within a few years, he have made quite a few business trips to Central Europe by train. And not just that - even his holidays are nowadays mostly done by train and bike.

IKITOMU accompanied Heikki from Stockholm to Norrköping. See his mobile office for yourself!

English voiceover / English subtitles.

[video voiceover]

So, I arrived by a night ferry from Turku, Finland.

07:30 in the Harbour, which is quite

near the center, about 15 minutes from

the Central Station.

The ferry is a special one. It's quite a new one. It runs with LND, liquified natural gas, and actually has a rotating sail as well. So, it's the most ecological one available.

So, then I caught this fast train to Copenhagen from Stockholm. Lunch in Copenhagen. Then I'm going to continue to Hamburg for the night. And then I'm going to have a meeting in Hamburg. And then continue to Amsterdam.

There's an exhibition called Wastebuild, it's an exhibition and a conference. We are exhibiting there.

It's actually quite a nice place to concentrate on your emails. I think it's a pretty efficient day.

It's a conference and a small fair. It concentrates on ecological building. So lots of interesting keynote speakers. One of them being Duncan Baker-Brown, who just last week did a talk for us at Durat Talks in Helsinki.

He's a British architect. He's a true pioneer in circular design, circular economy.

Personally, I think, in the last few years, I've been cutting down on my travelling and my flying quite a bit, switching to rail when possible. And now I'm experimenting whether it works.

I commute by bike, and then I… The factory is in Turku. It's about 2,5 hours from Helsinki, and we have an office there‚ so I commute by train quite often. About a couple of times a week.

My holidays have been pretty much bike holidays, cycling holidays for a couple of years now. The longest one we had was about two weeks in Swedish Lapland and Norway. So we biked about, I think 700 km or something like that.

Now, that's a great option, I think it works. For weekend trips I find it really great. I can take a train anywhere, I'll take my bike with, and do a little tour wherever.

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