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IKITOMU Summer of Art 2019: Turku

Imogen Cunningham @ Turku Art Museum

Especially this summer, Turku, Finland is a hugely vibrant art city. It feels like there are events and new showrooms or other exciting new activities everywhere.

If you're quick, you'll still make it to the "Witching hour" at the gallery Titanik. It's open until the end of this week, July 28th.

Imogen Cunningham, who has had a strong influence on photography and the aesthetics of the picture, continues at the Turku Art Museum. The exhibition is open well into September. While you're there, it is worth climbing upstairs to check out a great collection exhibition where you can see newer acquisitions along with familiar classical works and wonder Jenni Yppärilä's three-dimensional paintings of Turku buildings.

The Wäinö Aaltonen Museum charms the viewer's senses with the exhibition of HC Berg, whose works can also be found on the outer wall of Turku's main library. Berg's works explore light and the process of seeing. Rarely can one be as sure of an experience of insight and delight as in the midst of Berg's works. Until the end of August, there will also be works by Tuomas A Laitinen, including glass sculptures made for cephalopods.

So it is worth spending a few days in the summer of Turku, if you have not yet had the chance to go through everything.

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