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PICNIC – part of Finnish design history now crowdfunding at


PICNIC-lamp from 120€, a gorgeous poster for even less. Check it out now!

Welcome aboard!

PICNIC illuminates your bedside table, crowns the desk or decorates the living room. The fun lamp consists of only Finnish plywood and paper plates, with the exception of electrical components. It does not require a single screw or a drop of glue, the pieces are simply just clicked together.

Late Heikki Kiiski, known as the designer of Tunturi's fitness equipment and many other consumer products, spent his last years designing lighting fixtures. The other party to the project was Heikki's good friend, Polish designer legend Tomasz Rudkiewicz, who lived and worked in Finland for a long time. The creative duo created numerous lamps and light art exhibitions.


We think PICNIC is too cool to forget. That is why we have decided to develop it from a prototype into a real product to be manufactured. At the same time, it serves as a fun tribute to Heikki, Tomek and why not for European cooperation. A great continuation of the story, PICNICs are manufactured by the Rudkiewicz family business in Warsaw.

Join in and save a piece of Finnish design history! You'll be part of this great story and get a fun lamp. Or even a pair of them for your bedside table.


With the minimum crowdfunding target (€ 6,000), we can start series production. With our main goal (€ 14,000), we are also able to complete the packaging, as well as implement certain further design and accessory projects, the results of which we will also offer to our financiers first and at a reduced special price.


The video has english subtitles. Don't forget to turn them on! :)

PICNIC -lampun joukkorahoituskampanja -sivuilla (IKITOMU)
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