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art | culture | joie de vivre – responsibly

IKITOMU is based in Helsinki, Finland.


We are into Arts, Culture & Fun. And, like almost everyone, we love travelling, good food, beautiful design, fashion and so on. You know the drill.


But, like more and more people, we are very aware and very concerned about the fact, that our actions are not sustainable enough. That's why every story of ours tries to answer this question: "What fun is there left for a responsible hedonist?"

We do believe that information is the key. So we try to balance two things: telling about the things that are meaningful and enjoyable to us – and also researching how to enjoy them while causing as small carbon footprint as possible.

Don't shoot us yet, we are just getting started. But we promise to push this agenda more and more. So stay tuned, if you are worried but also looking for more sustainable ways to love arts, culture and good living!

You can contact us at

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